The purpose of the Undiecar Championship is to help promote the sport of sim racing, without breaking the bank of competitors. All tracks and cars in our regular seasons racing come free with iRacing. If you have any questions, please ask in our Discord channel.

League admins

Ryan Hellyer #27
Country: New Zealand
Twitter: @

Discord manager

Elise Skinner #17
Country: United Kingdom
Twitter: @

Race admins

The following are our official in-race admins, but we may add more for specific events.

Sven Deml #43
Country: Germany

Andreas Robertsson #25
Country: Sweden

Thomas Lademann #14
Country: Switzerland
Twitter: @

Aron Kertesz #76
Country: Hungary

Frank Oosterhuis #26
Country: Netherlands

Protest processing

Protests are handled by Justin Hess, but when the decision is unclear, a combination of all Undiecar admins will be involved. When a conflict of interest occurs, individual admins may be kept out or we will refer it to Alex Skinner who is not actively competing in the league.

Justin Hess #37
Country: United States