This event was held on Friday Jun 7th 2019 at the 13.626 km long Le Mans track in France. Qualifying began at 19:30 GMT, followed by the race.

The 2.4 hours of LeMons is here! Multiclass, open setups, team racing, Ferrari’s, Porsche 911 RSR’s, Ford GT’s, BMW M8’s, plus 911 GT3 Cup cars!

This event is being held on the Friday of week 13. The race start time is an hour earlier than usual. A practice will be held the evening before (check on Discord for more details about this).

You may compete as a team, with multiple drivers per car, or as a single driver doing the whole race by yourself.

The race start is a rolling start.

Results file:

Allowed cars

This is a multi-car event. Drivers may choose one of the following cars.

  1. GTE cars

    Fuel limited to 50%
  2. Porsche 911 GT3 Cup

    Fuel limited to 50%

Results table

PosNameStartCar #CarOutIntervalLaps ledQualAvg lapFastest lapfastest laplaps complInc

1Grande Fabrice
2021Ferrari 488 GTERunning183:54.933:47.13426381
2Piotr Matuszczak2
125Ferrari 488 GTERunning1:02.03193:51.67593:56.943:48.695112384
3Egidijus Jovaisa
224Porsche 911 RSRRunning1:18.9903:53.23493:57.63:48.2945193832
4Steven Brumfield
531Ferrari 488 GTERunning1:53.4903:54.53193:58.293:50.171416387
5Jochen Meyer2
669Porsche 911 RSRRunning1:57.3903:55.10563:58.43:49.583525381
6Robert Witte
75Ferrari 488 GTERunning-22L03:55.26533:59.293:50.419726161
7Racing Joy Motorsports
2763Ferrari 488 GTERunning-1L04:02.033:53.266619377
8Pablo LLoves
248Porsche 911 RSRRunning-1L04:01.693:52.100628379
9Andreas Robertsson
10333Ferrari 488 GTERunning-1L03:56.24924:02.193:50.706729376
10Jos Haarsma
2119Porsche 911 RSRRunning-1L04:01.923:51.87119379
11Team Auke Haarsma
2844BMW M8 GTERunning-1L04:03.393:52.9651273714
12Ross Goodacre
139Porsche 911 RSRRunning-1L04:00.14464:04.723:53.675918374
13Matt Tempest
1210Ferrari 488 GTERunning-1L03:58.1864:05.043:53.174618377
14Team Players Hagstrom Racing
2692Porsche 911 RSRRunning-1L04:05.883:54.05419379
15Matthew Overton
928Ferrari 488 GTERunning-1L03:55.92864:07.573:52.965153717
16Ryan Hellyer
2627Ferrari 488 GTERunning-1L04:08.813:52.6366263726
17Alexander James
3029Ferrari 488 GTERunning-1L04:07.053:52.8147253719
18Heiko Kr├╝ger
1186Porsche 911 RSRRunning-2L03:56.68034:04.743:51.324826365
19Andy J Scott
1423Ford GT - 2017Running-2L04:04.25674:08.813:58.796126366
20Team Clive Morrison
3214Ferrari 488 GTERunning-2L04:09.793:53.7634293620
21Asphalt-Otter by HeliumRacing.
23910Porsche 911 GT3 CupRunning-3L04:20.894:06.940683516
22Andreas Stiefl
2976Ferrari 488 GTEDisconnected-5L04:02.163:50.7331183313
30107Porsche 911 GT3 CupRunning-5L04:35.034:09.3177233311
24Team Aron Kertesz
3330BMW M8 GTERunning-6L04:08.83:53.9465163232
25Jaco Pretorius
822BMW M8 GTEDisconnected-7L03:55.69634:02.063:52.586212319
26Scott Stephens
3477BMW M8 GTEDisconnected-8L03:53.43873:55.553:47.509825306
27Jensen Motorsport
2915Ferrari 488 GTEDisconnected-10L04:03.873:53.2427262814
28Markus Aistleitner
2272Ferrari 488 GTEDisconnected-10L03:59.73:50.301626287
29Bruce Johnson
150BMW M8 GTEDisconnected-11L04:12.51024:39.114:11.740152735
30Olivier Dean2
28820Ferrari 488 GTEDisconnected-21L04:00.473:50.957451716
31Mali Francis
473Ferrari 488 GTEDisconnected-26L03:53.95774:00.063:52.2487126
32Pellegrini Motorsports Team
3435Ford GT - 2017Disconnected-27L04:09.343:57.23510114
1819Ford GT - 2017Disconnected-38L000
34Conspiracy Motorsports
3133Ferrari 488 GTEDisconnected-38L000