This event was held on Saturday Oct 20th 2018 at the 6.213 km long Mount Panorama Circuit track in Australia. Qualifying began at 03:00 GMT, followed by the race.

Two teams of drivers from the Undiecar Championship have entered into the Majors series Bathurst 1000 on iRacing. This event wasn’t organised by the Undiecar Championship, but we entered two cars into the race.

Majors Bathurst 1000


Qualifying and practice times can be found here:

The Majors Series run regular events like this, so if you would like to compete in similar events in future, we highly recommend checking out their league at

Undiecar Team 1 – Holden Commodore

Undiecar Team 2 – Ford Falcon

Results table

PosNameStartCar #CarOutIntervalLaps ledQualAvg lapFastest lapfastest laplaps complInc

1Kyle Stokes
227Hosted All Cars ClassRunning782:03.43012:06.722:04.613210945
2Christian Challiner
421Hosted All Cars ClassRunning1:21.5412:03.59412:07.612:05.10333690
3Jason Bence
117Hosted All Cars ClassRunning-18L02:03.29682:05.782:04.264182765
4Daniel Stevens
2066Hosted All Cars ClassRunning-8L02:05.32762:09.422:06.412348615
5Shaun O'Hara
50555Hosted All Cars ClassRunning-33L02:10.72:08.421131612
6Matt Muggleton
72Hosted All Cars ClassRunning-2L02:04.12042:07.962:05.15463924
7David Barraclough
4930Hosted All Cars ClassRunning-13L02:11.682:07.4077468114
8Adrian Zele
46664Hosted All Cars ClassRunning-10L02:18.562:07.822215848
9John M King
4218Hosted All Cars ClassRunning-22L02:10.41022:10.962:08.724788723
10James Ewens
2635Hosted All Cars ClassRunning-44L02:06.43192:10.982:07.7153445010
11Andris Slisans
51666Hosted All Cars ClassRunning-5L02:17.222:07.809688916
12Ryan Hellyer
5337Hosted All Cars ClassRunning-21L02:13.582:08.70675736
13Ira Fehlberg
5224Hosted All Cars ClassRunning-30L02:16.232:12.428672646
14Craig Jones
6111Hosted All Cars ClassRunning-8L02:03.90022:07.982:05.2054865
15Spencer H Whitelaw
4110Hosted All Cars ClassDisconnected-19L02:10.40262:16.032:09.47811277517
16Stephen Grima
30302Hosted All Cars ClassRunning-53L02:06.70982:08.942:07.104224418
17Wolfgang Wildenauer
4845Hosted All Cars ClassRunning-25L02:19.342:08.4997626921
18Ray Partridge
2988Hosted All Cars ClassRunning-27L02:06.48972:13.732:08.4345646721
19Shaun Thomson
992Hosted All Cars ClassRunning-15L02:04.41432:08.962:05.241957915
20Tom Bidgood
11194Hosted All Cars ClassRunning-7L02:04.61942:10.042:06.04392875
21Nick Kuhn
3717Hosted All Cars ClassRunning-24L02:08.31132:19.422:08.4792117010
22Andreas Robertsson
35333Hosted All Cars ClassRunning-18L02:08.22522:12.62:09.2628177610
23Peter Hunter
39351Hosted All Cars ClassRunning-59L02:09.1872:28.732:10.6655313517
24Juri Jerg
2532Hosted All Cars ClassDisconnected-40L02:06.38352:17.382:07.2837545410
25Dogs & Cats
389Hosted All Cars ClassDisconnected--5L02:29.662:11.8522129939
26Jackson Souslin Harlow
3222Hosted All Cars ClassDisconnected-45L282:03.52132:07.442:04.867894915
27Mattias Magnusson
2183Hosted All Cars ClassDisconnected-72L02:05.51932:07.932:07.029724220
28Sam Dunstall
4771Hosted All Cars ClassDisconnected-71L02:07.172:06.00743230
29Sylvain Maillaud
3826Hosted All Cars ClassDisconnected-88L02:08.60452:16.72:14.66142765
30Travis Henderson
197Hosted All Cars ClassDisconnected-16L02:05.31652:10.152:06.332957811
31Blake Haswell
3238Hosted All Cars ClassDisconnected-24L02:06.85392:10.482:07.10466709
32JD Snyder
4519Hosted All Cars ClassDisconnected-93L02:12.894212
33Guy Leach
1046Hosted All Cars ClassDisconnected-51L02:04.52372:08.812:04.88895434
34Shannon Mason
1655Hosted All Cars ClassDisconnected-69L02:04.84952:10.692:05.96326256
35Josh White3
4428Hosted All Cars ClassDisconnected-93L02:12.243411
36512Hosted All Cars ClassDisconnected-94L002
37David Nenadic
1344Hosted All Cars ClassDisconnected-86L02:04.70842:08.692:05.4889281
38Jeremy Morrison
4375Hosted All Cars ClassDisconnected-94L02:10.55905