Round 10 of 11 in Season 7 of the Undiecar Championship will be held on Tuesday Nov 20th 2018 at the km long South Boston Speedway track in US. Qualifying begins at 20:30 GMT, followed by the race.

This is not a multiclass race, both cars will compete in the same class.

Allowed cars

This is a multi-car event. Drivers may choose one of the following cars.

  1. Spec Racer Ford
  2. Skip Barber Formula 2000
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Results table - Race #1

PosNameStartCar #CarOutIntervalLaps ledQualAvg lapFastest lapfastest laplaps complInc
1Andrew Z Wood
532Skip Barber Race SeriesRunning11416.6721.3516.4991690
2Nikolay Ladushkin
9212Skip Barber Race SeriesRunning00.33016.7321.3516.5541690
3Andreas Robertsson
8333Skip Barber Race SeriesRunning1.45016.7021.3616.541431690
4Thomas Lademann
1214Skip Barber Race SeriesRunning13.7016.7821.3416.68181694
5Stefan Binninger
1319Skip Barber Race SeriesRunning-2L016.7821.6016.68816718
6Auke Haarsma
2117Skip Barber Race SeriesRunning-3L017.2121.7716.8213716620
7Mats Sjoblom
1555Spec Racer FordRunning-3L016.8321.7016.8916620
8Frank Oosterhuis
626Skip Barber Race SeriesRunning-4L016.6821.616.491331654
9Giovanni Coronin
418Skip Barber Race SeriesRunning-5L016.6622.216.552316416
10Aron Kertesz
2011Spec Racer FordRunning-26L017.121.516.70814314
11Josu Solaguren
757Skip Barber Race SeriesRunning-29L016.6925.8116.57261408
12Alejandro Yanes
1437Skip Barber Race SeriesRunning-29L016.8125.7816.69661408
13Alaric van den Bos
1172Skip Barber Race SeriesRunning-30L016.7521.10016.61513910
14Bruno Le Doare
10307Spec Racer FordRunning-31L016.721.7616.712713814
15Thomas Tucker
24Spec Racer FordRunning-37L016.6327.3916.71713210
16James Chesters
195Skip Barber Race SeriesRunning-45L016.929.1916.7710012410
17Ryan Hellyer
1627Skip Barber Race SeriesRunning-56L016.8421.7016.655511312
18Matt Tempest
18888Skip Barber Race SeriesRunning-60L016.9422.6616.631710912
19Steven Brumfield
345Skip Barber Race SeriesDisconnected-75L5516.6420.9416.5719940
20Pierre Dionne
2222Skip Barber Race SeriesDisqualified-90L022.316.99507914
21Matthieu Bouthors
1723Skip Barber Race SeriesDisconnected-106L016.8623.316.649632
22Connor Welsh
135Skip Barber Race SeriesDisconnected-140L016.621.4316.113292