This event was held on Sunday Apr 1st 2018 at the 0.644 km long South Boston Speedway track in United States. Qualifying began at 19:30 GMT, followed by zero race.

This event is still in development, and we will likely make changes to the event closer to the time.

This is a full contact event. It is allowed to crash out other drivers intentionally, so long as the contact is on the race track, and not on the apron or in pit lane.

Open setups allowed. Carnage encouraged.

Fast repairs: 8
Incident limit: ∞
Caution periods: lol
Rules: u say wot?

Allowed cars

This is a multi-car event. Drivers may choose one of the following cars.

  1. McLaren Honda MP4-30
  2. Legends Ford ’34 Coupe
  3. Radical SR8 V8
  4. Spec Racer Ford
  5. Skip Barber Formula 2000
  6. Dallara IR-05

Bonus points

Least incidents: Stuart John
Pole position: Steven Brumfield
Fastest lap: Steven Brumfield

Results table - Race #1

PosNameStartCar #CarOutIntervalLaps ledQualAvg lapFastest lapfastest laplaps complInc
1Stuart John
1581McLaren MP4-30Running7014.211.33710290
2Adrian Benito
837Indycar Dallara circa 2011Running015.512.4809658
3Josu Solaguren
757Indycar Dallara circa 2011Running015.012.4729286
4Giovanni Coronin
5171Indycar Dallara circa 2011Running016.412.4668772
5Steven Brumfield
14McLaren MP4-30Running813.510.10378570
6Rodrigo Peiteado
1122Indycar Dallara circa 2011Running014.912.3748564
7Ryan Hellyer
427Indycar Dallara circa 2011Running014.912.2426792
8Jelle Verstraeten2
1267Legends Ford '34 CoupeRunning022.017.31063114
9Adrián Jimenez
3051McLaren MP4-30Disconnected313.1011.7126196
10Pablo Lazar2
2224McLaren MP4-30Disconnected117.211.61646104
11Glen Barrett
642Indycar Dallara circa 2011Running022.312.6314248
12Kevin Firlein
1497McLaren MP4-30Disconnected2013.711.7303936
13Andreas Stiefl
911Indycar Dallara circa 2011Disconnected019.419.42212
14Nicholas Sowa
1008Indycar Dallara circa 2011Disconnected000
15Scott Mann
1390Skip Barber Formula 2000Disconnected000
16Parker Newlin
168Indycar Dallara circa 2011Disconnected000
17Mike Killen
1746Legends Ford '34 CoupeDisconnected000