If you feel someone has broken a rule, please submit your protest via the form below.

If you want to be super helpful, you could send a cropped replay file or video of the incident but this is not a requirement.

How protests are handled

The current league administrator is Ryan Hellyer. Because Ryan is also a competitor and therefore biased, any non-obvious incidents will be placed for review in the Sim Incident Reviews Facebook group for analysis (names of the drivers will not be mentioned in the group). Ryan will use the opinions formed from that group to work out an appropriate action to take. If the group is split and can not come up with a decision then our Discord manager Elise Skinner will be placed in charge of making a final decision.

Recent changes

As of 2018-07-01 we adjusted what we consider “non-obvious incidents”, and will be processing more protests internally within the admin team, and only relying on the Facebook group for when there is any debate over appropriate penalties. We made this change to improve the efficiency of the protest system (it takes a long time to get them ready for public analysis) and because we often have a better view of the background and situation at hand than is clear to external observers. Our goal is still to ensure that the process is transparent and fair though.