The annual Bahaha 1000 special event is on this Wednesday! We will be driving the VW Beetles at the brand new Tsukuba circuit. You will receive this track for free the day before. We will also be using the brand new day night transitions which will be released the day before. This is a double header event, so once one race is over, just hop back into the next race in a separate session. There will be a “competition caution” at the mid-point of the race.

Event notice:

If you would like to help promote the event, feel free to drop a comment on the Bahaha 1000 forum post or on Facebook about it.

Special congratulations to Olivier Dean for winning the overall championship and Thomas Lademann for winning division two of season 7!

The following bonus awards go to the following drivers:
* Best crash of season – Neil A. Jackson (see video of crash)
* Most incidents for season – joint winners Nikolay Ladushkin and Ryan Hellyer
* Least incidents for season – Alejandro Yanes
* Most poles without a win – Dave Walsh
* Most wins without a pole – Frank Oosterhuis (two wins)
* Highest in championship without podium – Auke Haarsma

All award winners will receive their award by post in the next week or so.

Joining races
You will see the race listed in the iRacing league sessions page.

If you don’t see it there, please hop on Discord to ask for assistance in our main chat area. Admins are extremely unlikely to have time to assist via private message before the race. We also use Discord voice chat during the race, so feel free to join us in there if you like to jibber jabber all race long 😀

If you would like to help out with the league, please visit our donations page 😀

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