EDIT: The track is now confirmed as Road Atlanta.

We are racing this Friday instead of Tuesday due to it being week 13 (Tuesdays on iRacing during week 13 are notoriously unreliable due to the new build).

We will be racing the new FREE Formula Vee and the new FREE Spec Racer Ford. We will confirm the track closer to Friday as we want to check what tracks will be available in the new build. There will be three separate sessions. The first will be with both cars on track. Then 30 mins only in the Formula Vee followed by qualifying and race 1 (in the Formula Vee). Then there will be another 30 min practice in the Spec Racer Ford, followed by qualifying and race 2.

Practice 1: 18:00 GMT (both cars)
Practice 2: 19:00 GMT (Formula Vee only)
Qualifying 1: 19:30 GMT (5 mins open) (Formula Vee only)
Race 1: 19:35 GMT (30 mins) (Formula Vee only)
Practice 3: 20:05 GMT (SRF only)
Qualifying 2: 20:35 GMT (5 mins open) (SRF only)
Race 2: 20:40 GMT (30 mins) (SRF only)

You will see the race listed in the https://members.iracing.com/membersite/member/LeagueSessions.do.

Live streams and member websites
Thomas Lademann (German): https://www.twitch.tv/asphaltschneider/ (his post-race crash analysis is particularly interesting)
Steven Brumfield (German): https://www.twitch.tv/stevenbrumfield
If you would like your stream included here, please let us know ๐Ÿ˜€

Thomas also has a merch store in case you want to promote your schnitzelness … https://streamlabs.com/asphaltschneider/merch

If you have any trouble finding the event in iRacing or have any questions, just ask in the Undiecar Discord channel. Thereโ€™s usually someone around on Discord to help out. If you like to jibber jabber often mid-race, then you should join our Discord voice chat during races. There’s usually a small group of us chit chatting all race long.
Undiecar Discord

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